SUNDAY JUNE 30th 2019

10:00 A.M.

Location: 635 E 1st St Wahoo NE "Saunders County Fair Grounds"

Pedal & Toy Tractors sell at 1pm!

Running 2 lines at 1pm


JD NIB-Prestige- 45 & 55 Combines, Precision-650H Dozer, 4430 Key Series #1, Unstyled A, B, Mdl.B, Mdl.A w/290 Ser. Cult, 70, 630, 720, 730, 3010, 4000, 4020, 4020 w/237 Corn Picker, 4020 Power Shift, 4440, 5010, 8020, 9750STS Combine, 214-T Baler, 494-A Planter, 5 Bott. Plow, 110 Lawn & Garden, Hay & Barge Wagons, Stockcar; Collector Center Edition w/Coin-BWH-40 Unstyled, 630 High Crop, 620 LP, 40T WF w/Plow; Two Cylinder-BWH-40, C, 620 Orchard, GP Wide-Tread, P, HNH, D, G Hi-Crop, 420V, 530, 60 High Seat Standard, A High-Crop, 520, 330 Utility, 730, 830 Rice Special; 4) Mdl.140 Patio Series; 1/16 Scale 7320, R, 4955, 6320, M, 6200 MFWD, 2640, 40. 40th Anniv. A, 8760, `37 D, 60, 3010, 4960, 630 LP, 9300T, 430 Crawler, 7800 MFWD w/Duals, 8400T, 7800, 12A Combine; Millennium; 200th Birthday 4520 w/Cab; No Boxes-1950 Mdl.A w/Case, 50, 60, 70, 3010, A & 3020 D w/2 Row Pickers, Row Crop w/Loader, 5020, 630, GP, G, R, D, M, PT Combine, Flare Box Wagon, Sq. Baler; 10 Pewter Toys; 150yr Display.

I-H NIB-Precision-Little Genius Plow, Regular, F-20, 400, 460; Special Edition-100 Hydro, 966, 1066, 1466, 1566 & 5,000,000th 1066; 1/16 Scale Restoration M w/Accessories, 400 w/33A Loader, 606, H, Hay Baler, F-12, 400, WD9, Summer Farm Show 100 High Clear, 15-30, 4 Bott. Plow; No Boxes-1-PR Corn Picker, White C, M, H, 400 w/Loader, 450, 544, 560, 706, 806, 856, 1026, 1206, 966, 560 w/Cab, 1466, 1456, 1566, 886, 656, Axial Flow Combine, 10-20 Titan, TD-24 Dozer Diesel, 2 Bott. Plow.

Case IH NIB 2394, MX-120, MX-210, 7120, Farm Country Pickup; No Boxes-4994 4wd, 5288, 7488, 6388, 5088, 5488, 2394.

Case NIB 800, No Boxes-1270, L, 3294, 1070 Demonstrator, 2594, 800D.

AC NIB 1/8 Scale Mdl.60A All-Crop Harvester, 1/16 Scale D-19 Summer Toy Festival D-14, No Boxes-WD-45, D-14, D17, D21, 7045, 7080, One Ninety & 8030.

Massy Harris NIB 44, No Boxes-33, 55 Diesel.

Ford NIB-Precision-2N w/Ferguson System, The Dearborn 2 Bott. Plow & Blade, 8N, No Boxes-9N, 901, 961, 6000D, Fordson.

Oliver No Boxes-1650, 1800, 1850.

Tru-Scale No Boxes 3) Tractors, 2) Tractors w/Loaders, Tractor w/2 Row Picker, PT Combine, Manure Spreader, Sq. Baler, Drill.

Cast Iron-Arcade JD Mdl.A, I-H M, McCormick Deering & Fordson Tractors w/Drivers, McCormick Deering Team w/Wagon & Thrashing Machine, Trucks, Manure Spreader, Dump Rake, 2 Bott. Plow & Lister.

Toy Farmer-1/16 Scale 1989, `90, `91, `93, `96, `98, `99, 2000, `03, `05, `07, `08, `09 NIB; National Toy Show 1/16 Scale 1996, 97, 2000, `01, `02, `04, `06, `10, `11, `12, `13 NIB; 1/43 Scale Toy Farmer 1990, `91, `92, `93, `94, `95, `96, `99; National Farm Toy Show 1/64 Scale 2000, `01, `02, `03, `04, `05, `07, `08, `09, `12, `13, `15; Others- Deutz 6260; Massey Ferguson 1155 & 760 Combine; Rumely Oil Pull; Versatile 825; GMC JD R.L.D. David City, Tru-Scale & I-H Pickups; Gleaner L3 Combine; MM G750; White Farm Progress Show; New Idea PT Picker; Anhydrous Ammonia Tank; 1946 Chevy Grain Truck w/Box; `31 Ford Mdl.A Roadster; Fox Fire-Last Cowboy, B w/Wagon, JD Sulky Rake w/Team & Driver; Metal-Truck w/Wood Wheels, Older Metal Truck, Sq. Baler, Case Sickle Mower; Wood-Farm Dee Bros. Wagon; Horse Drawn Wagon; Cast Iron Repo Fresh A Milk Horse & Wagon, Fire Wagon & Mdl. T; Sand Lot Toys Nylint Dredger, Marx Motor Delivery Market Truck; Behlen Semi; Wrangler Semi; Structo Livestock Truck; Marx Dump Truck; Buddy L Dump Truck; Coca-Cola Delivery Truck; Semi Transport.


PEDAL TRACTORS: JD GT70, 520, Farmall 400 & M, I-H 86 Series, Oliver 1650, Allis-Chalmers CA, JD Pedal Car NIB; 7600 & 4020 Tractorcycle NIB; Fire Chief Pedal Car (steering wheel broken); JD & I-H Pedal Wagons.


TRAINS: American Flyer 283 & 21160 Engines w/Tenders, #801 Coal Car, 33640, 5016, 284, 921, 947, 983, 929, 911, 944, 7210 & 24110, 806 & 24630 Cabooses, Billboard Diesel Horn, RR Crossings, Bridge, Transformer, Track & other accessories; Marx Freight Terminal; Tyco Trains.


PROMO CARS: `40 Ford, `50 Belair, `53 Chevy, `40 Ford Sedan Delivery, `49 Ford, `53 Buick Skylark, `55 Chevy Convertible, `41 Chevy Deluxe, Chrysler PT Cruiser and others.


OIL CANS: JD Bethany MO, Hingham WIS, I-H Sherman & Callahan Hastings, AC, Oliver Farm Equip. St. Joe MO, Case, MM, Rumely Oil Pull, Coast-to-Coast Stores & Maytag.


ANTIQUES/COLLECTIBLES: Oak Rd. Claw Foot 48" Table w/4 Pressed Back Chairs and Leaf; Kitchen Hoosier w/Flour Bin; Fainting Couch; Library Desk; Oak Stand; Rocker; Wood High Chair; Hall Tree; Half Table; Parlor Table; Wooden Ironing Boards; School Desk; Odd Chairs; Plant Stand; Doll Cradle; JD 23pc Pewter Christmas Ornament Set 1996-2018; JD Pewter Spoons, Marble & Tape Measure; 2004-16 I-H Thermos & Christmas Ornaments; JD Folding Ruler; Shimerka Impl. Ruler; JD Centennial Barrel Bank; Stage Handle Knife w/Sheath; Massey Harris Table Top Cream Separator; Table Top Dough Maker; Favorite Wood Barrel w/Stand & Rd. Wood Butter Churns; Enamelware; Matchbox Holders; Asst’d Bullet Pencils & Impl. Dealer Pins; AC, I-H, Oliver & DeKalb Pith Helmets; JD, MM Straw Hats; Vintage JD Cast Iron Mail Holder, Tea Kettle; 1st National Bank Wahoo Metal Dust Pan; Horacek Bros. 5¢ , Cyrus McCormick and other Tokens; Child’s Humpty Dumpty Cups & Dish; Hen & Turkey on Nests; Lead Crystal Bowl; Pickle Jar; 4 Qt Butter Churn; Blue Jar; Pink Dep; Oatmeal & Smiley Pig Cookie Jars; Jewel T Dishes; Pyrex Nest of Bowls; Refrigerator Dishes; Asst’d Costume Jewelry; Linens; Aprons; 1955 Cornhusker Yearbook; Records; Telephone Lamp; Pill Box & Cowboy Hats; Cookbooks; Asst’d Wood Boxes; Egg Crate; Pepsi & Coke Bottle Crates; Pocket Ledgers-H.G.Stolz Impl. Wahoo, A.L Novy Impl. Wahoo, Swanson & Martin Ceresco, JD Plow Co Omaha, Jim Branting Stromsburg, Brazda Impl. Polk, Abilene Impl. Abilene KS, Theo Smith Phillipsburg KS, Platte City Impl. Platte City MO, Bud & Quinn Fresno CA; Thermometers-Texel Inc Wahoo, Arvid H. Swanson Ceresco, Sinclair Dvorak Brainard, Farmers State Bank Platte Center, Harry Hansen Ceresco, Skolnik Impl David City, Farmers Coop Brainard; Mirrors-JD H.G.Stolz Implements Wahoo, Deere & Co, Farmers Co-Operative Co. Brainard, JD Buckendahl Pierce, Klein Produce Hebron, Kelly Impl. Co. Lamoni IA, Roy Kramer Elkton S.Dakota, Oldsmobile, Pontiac & Pollard Impl. N.Bend Sun Visor Mirrors; JD Toothpick Holder; Advertising-Framed Girl/Puppy Libbie Sholtz Linwood, Scenic Hans Ostrom Stromsburg, Walt’s Appliance Ogallala & Markle Produce Ithaca Scenic Thermo, A.G. Honner Farmall Tractors Plate Tabor S. Dakota, Pollard Impl & Ceresco Hatchery S/P Shakers, Wilber Feed & Coal Measuring Cup, AW Grain Rain Gauge Abie, Mayfield AC Ashtray David City & Page NE, Kukas Tavern Ashtray Davey, 1910 Calendar Plate P. Madsen & Co. Davey, JD Swanson/Martin Coin Purse Ceresco, Markle Produce Bolt Gauge, Treptow Seed Sack Ithaca, Local Church Plates, Asst’d Utensils, Hand Fans & Fly Swatters; Firestone Farm Guide, Dewey, Lee, Byers Bros, Bliss & Wellman Omaha Livestock Commission Pocket Books; Farmers Merchant Bank Record Book Bruno; Brainardopoly Game; Yardsticks; 10¢ Gene Autry, Beatle Bailey, Walter Lantz, Walt Disney, Andy Panda, Little Lulu, other 12, 15, 20, 25 & 30¢ Comic Books; Books-Asst’d Zane Grey, William Raine, JD Operation Care and Repair of Farm Machinery Set 1-28, JD Plows & Cultivators, JD Blacksmith Boy, Soil Culture, Modern Farm Methods, Horse Training & Saddle Horse, Atkins Saws, 1930’s Yearbook of Agriculture, Farm Mechanics, and others; Green Magazine, IHC Data, Cub Cadet 1st 45yrs, Farm Power, 2cyl Farm & Johnny Popper Magazines; Barn & Red Globe Lanterns; Sq. & Immigrants Trunks; Cast Iron Wall Lamp w/Reflector & Asst’d Kerosene Lamps; Studebaker Emblem; 75th Anniv Vise Grips w/Case; 1903 Lancaster & 1918 Saunders County Plat Books; Saunders & Butler Co Auto Directories; Few Pocket Knives; Hand Fans; Howdy Doody Lunch Pail; Lg. Flour Tin; Shop Built Threshing Machine, Chariot, Outhouse Paper Towel Holder & Trash Bin; End of the Trail, Lone Wolf, Reaper, Scenic and other Framed Prints; Wood Handle Utensils & Rolling Pins; Keen Kutter Meat Grinder; Czech Poppy Seed Grinder; Ideal Salt Crock Feeder Mdl."C" w/Lid, McCormick Deering 2 gal. Lye Solution Dispenser, #5, #3 Red Wing, #2 Ruckles, #3 Western Butter Churn and Asst’d Crock Jugs; Silverware Set w/Chest; Mirrored Hose Collar & Bridle Rosettes; 45 Star Flag; Rug Beater; Omaha Produce Canes; Buck Saw; Ice Tongs; Glass Display Case; 2) Shop Built Floor Model and Sm. Display Cabinet w/JD Brass Radiator Top; Coca Cola Delivery Truck; Dolls; Mdl.6 Phonograph; Schepp’s Cake Box; Hankies; Atlas Bank; Case Bean Hook; Sattley Riding & Walking Plows & Rock Island Plow Co. Cloth Pamphlets; De Laval Metal Cow/Calf; JD, & De Laval Watch Fobs; 1930’s Game & Parks Permit Holders; 2006 LE JD Baseball Bat; Budweiser Team w/Wagon; Toy Windmill; Marbles; Bullseye Pinball Game w/Box; State fair Marble Game; Milk Bottles; Cartoon Glasses; Sad Irons; Die Cast Banks; 2) Plastic Mickey’s Tractors; Zipees Boy/Girl Ice Skates; Royal & Remington Typewriters.

Other items not listed!

Note- Art & his wife Mary enjoyed collecting for many years together. This collection consists of JD, AC, I-H, Ford, Arcade, Tru-Scale, Precision & Toy Farmer tractor collection along with pedal tractors & many collectibles. The family’s offering their parents’ collection to be sold at public auction.

Arthur F. "Art" Palmer, Estate


Welton Auction Inc

Ryan Welton
2154 Co Rd 22
Malmo NE  68040


Terms:   Complete payment is due day of auction by cash or certified check. Company and or personal checks are accepted if accompanied by a bank letter of reference guaranteeing the funds.  Nothing removed until settled for!  Not responsible for accident’s, injury or theft.  All items sell to the highest bidder "as is, where is, with all faults, no warranties."  Information and descriptions are believed to be accurate, however, Welton Auction Inc. makes no guarantees as to the accuracy.  All announcements day of sale take precedence over anything printed, written or implied. Welton Auction Inc. are agents only.

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